Cookware Restoration

Sand Blasting and Seasoning: 0-10 Pounds
Sale price$30.00


Restore your cast iron, carbon cookware, and griddles to look new!

 We will media blast the surface clean and double season it in our oven. We price this service per pound and not per piece. Send as many parts as you want and then purchase the correct weight. 

Three weight options. The shipped price includes service.

Weight In Pounds Total Shipped Price Total Drop Off/Pick Up Price
0-10   $30 $15
11-25 $60 $30
25-50 $90 $60

Three Simple Steps!

1. Order the correct weight with shipping or drop off/pick up.

2. Drop off or ship us your product with a pre-paid shipping label provided after purchase. 

3. 7-10 business days later, you will receive fully restored, seasoned, and ready-to-use cookware! 




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