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Pellet Grill Griddle Inserts

Skewer Hack

Spatula Hack

Pizza Oven (Works with Griddle Hack)

Griddle with your lid open.

It's Science

Have you seen the new Griddle Hack updates?

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What are people saying about the Griddle Hack?

“The Griddle Hack made cooking breakfast outdoors for my family of 4 a snap!”

Roxanne Zaro, BBQ Queen 31K+ followers on Instagram

“The ingenious products from BBQ Hack have taken my pellet grill to a whole new level and experience! The BBQ Hack pellet grill accessories are a must have for any pellet grill enthusiast and owner!”

Rus Jones, Smoky Ribs 142K Subscribers on YouTube

“The Griddle Hack is a GAME CHANGER. The all around versatility of food you can make is never ending!”

John Schwartz, Schwonny Que BBQ Competitor

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