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Griddle Hack-PGH285
Compatible With Models Below: Traeger- Renegade Elite, Pro 20, Lil Tex Elite 22, Pro 22, Century 22, Pro 34, Texas Elite 3 4, Silverton, Silverton 620, BBQ 07E, BBQ 100, BBQ 124, BBQ 125, Select Pro (Must remove Temperature Probe Bracket prior to Griddle...
$159.00 $149.00
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Griddle Hack-PGH450
Compatible With Models Below: Traeger- Pro 34, Pro 780, Ironwood 885, Texas Elite 34, BBQ 125, *Timberline 1300 Requires PGH450 Brackets*. REC TEC- RT-680, RT-700 Green Mountain- Jim Bowie, Prime JB Smokin Brothers- Traditional 36, Premier 36, Premier Plus 36, Premier 72, Barn-B-Que Pit Boss- Austin...
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Griddle Hack-POGH285*
Compatible With Models Below: Yoder Pellet Grills- YS480, YS480 Competition, YS640, YS640 Competition  Louisiana Pellet Grills- LG 1200 Black Label, LG 1000 Black Series, LG 800 Black Label, 900C2 This Griddle is for the offset fire-pots in Yoder and Louisiana grills! The cone...
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Griddle Hack-PGH270
Compatible With Models Below: Traeger- Tailgater, Bronson 20, Elite 20  REC TEC- RT-340 Grilla Grills- Chimp Z Grills- 450A Pit Boss- 340, Tailgater, 440 Grill, Ranch Hand Say hello to the Griddle Hack S, the best thing for pellet grills since the invention of the pellet. Let's...
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Griddle Hack-PGH190
Compatible With Models Below: Green Mountain- Davy Crockett Now you can have delicious bacon and eggs on your campout, or smash burgers, stir-fry, and quesadillas on the go! 15" Wide 12.5" Deep 187.5 SqIn Cooking Surface 12 Gauge Carbon Steel Sandblasted and Seasoned...
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PGH285 Brackets for original Traeger Timberline 1300
Now you can easily make the Griddle Hack compatible with the Traeger Timberline 1300 pellet grill by using these rear brackets. Sold in a set of two, these brackets mount onto the back of your Griddle Hack, giving it the...
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PGH285 Brackets For Timberline 850 and Timberline 1300 D2 Models
This allows the Griddle Hack to fit the new updated D2 Timberlines. These brackets work for the 850 and the 1300.
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Cookware Restoration
Restore your cast iron, carbon cookware, and griddles to look new!  We will media blast the surface clean and double season it in our oven. We price this service per pound and not per piece. Send as many parts as you...
from $15.00
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Blackstone Oversized 40oz Grease Trough
Oversized grease trough for rear draining Blackstone griddles! *Will not fit Pro-Series Blackstone* * *Does not fit BBQ Hack GGH series Griddles* Material: Aluminum and Dishwasher Safe! Size: 16" W X 4" H X 3" D
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