Napoleon Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - 90004

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Add the perfect touch of spice to your next grilled meal with the Salt and Pepper Grinder Set from Napoleon. Large and luxurious salt and pepper grinders feature a matte, soft-grip surface that is stylish enough for the table and easy to clean when cooking gets messy. The high-quality ceramic mechanisms are built to last for years. Use the top adjustments to produce coarse or fine seasoning.

Key Features

  • Season meals to perfection while cooking and add the perfect finishing touches after cooking with the Napoleon Salt and Pepper Grinder Set
  • Stylish black and white matched set, you know which seasoning is in which container, no guessing
  • Sumptuous matte, soft grip surface makes use comfortable and easy for large or small hands
  • Easily adjust the texture of the salt and pepper (or any other seasonings you like), from coarse to ultra-fine, with the top screw adjustment
  • The high-quality ceramic mechanism will last a lifetime
  • The silky, nonslip surface is stylish enough to go on the table with meals and easy to wipe down when things get messy
  • Easy to fill, unscrew the top adjustment screw and remove the top ball grinder. Fill the chambers with your favorite seasonings including Himalayan Pink Salt, Mixed Peppercorns, or even your favorite spice blends

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