Napoleon Pro Knife Set - 55206

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Napoleon's PRO Series Professional Knife Set has everything you need for carving your meat perfectly. The Professional Knife Set comes with a 13.5-inch sharpened carving blade, a 12.75-inch carving fork, and four 9.5-inch serrated steak knives. Each of the pieces in this set is made entirely out of stainless steel. That means this set will last a long time. All of the pieces are seamless, single pieces, which means that there will be no loose handles and they definitely won't fall apart when washed.

Key Features

  • Set contains four steak knives, one carving knife and one meat fork
  • Each piece of this set is well balanced, full stainless steel, which means no loose handles and they definitely won't fall apart when washed
  • The carving knife is a large, 13.5-inch blade that comes fully sharpened and ready to serve
  • The large 12.75-inch carving fork is well suited to hold steady and serve any food you make.
  • The four 9.5-inch serrated steak knives will remain sharper longer than flat edged blades
  • The handles sport a smooth, rounded, ambi-ergo feel. They're perfect if you are right or left-handed

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