Napoleon Premium Cutting Board - 70039

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Made from genuine Acacia hardwood, this organic cutting board is stylish enough to be used as a serving tray and durable enough to be your everyday cutting board. The naturally occurring oils provide resistance to liquid as well as resistance to fungi and microbes. The warm and rich grain comes in deep reds, golden yellows, and even purples making each board a unique piece. Easy to maintain, we recommend hand washing the board as needed, and not soaking. Use the beautiful, genuine leather handle to bring your board where it's needed or use it for stylish storage. Every Premium Cutting Board comes with Napoleon's PRO Executive Chef Knife, a razor edged, durable piece of German stainless steel; the only knife you will ever need, or want to use, again.

Key Features

  • Durable cutting board that is naturally antimicrobial
  • Each Acacia wood cutting board is unique with hues of red, gold, and purple wood
  • Integrated groove to collect meat juices and prevent mess
  • Set comes with a Professional Chef’s Knife
  • Razor sharp knife is made from German steel and is the ideal all-purpose knife
  • Knife is balanced tip through tang with full length forged steel that runs the length of the knife
  • Stylish enough to be used as a serving platter or charcuterie board
  • Cutting board features a leather strap for hanging and carrying

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