Napoleon Led-Light - 70021

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Grill well into the night without having to try and juggle food, tools and your phone's flashlight. Illuminate your grill workspace with the hands free Universal Handle Light from Napoleon. Clip the Universal Handle Light to the handle on your grill lid, or clip it to your tongs and spatula to shine a light on the food that you're grilling. This extra bright LED lights will last for ages of use. The Light even comes with four long lasting LR44 button batteries so you're ready to grill in the dark right out of the package. These little lights have a built in magnet that will attach themselves to most metal surfaces and stay put, but if that's not what you need, clip it, with the included clip, to shelves, handles, monitors, even books. The Universal Napoleon Handle Lights are lightweight. You can direct the illumination wherever it's needed with a 360° rotation and 60° of tilt on both sides. These Universal Handle Lights are fantastic for lighting your way in the dark, not just at the grill, but anywhere you need some light.

Key Features

  • This multipurpose, powerful LED provides direct light for hands-free barbecuing
  • Built-in magnets help keep the Grill Lights stable and stationary on metal surfaces
  • The clip attaches to metal tools or the BBQ handle; perfect for hands-free grilling
  • Great for additional, directional lighting for DIY projects, books, and camping
  • Durable casing is ideal for outdoor use
  • Comes with long lasting batteries to use these BBQ grill lights straight out of the box
  • Lightweight, rotates 360° and has a 60° tilt radius
  • Push button operation is easy to turn on and off

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