Napoleon Eight Stainless Steel Multifunctional Skewers - 70015

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Create perfect portions with Napoleon's Eight Stainless Steel Multifunctional Skewers. These reusable skewers are made with dishwasher safe stainless steel to provide years of delicious feasts. Custom made meals are easy, slide your favorite meats and veggies onto these skewers. Cook over direct heat for perfect sear marks, or use indirect grilling for a more slow roasted and tender service. Never worry about your food sliding off and falling into the grill. The ridged ends keep whatever you skewered secure, for perfect grilling. You'll never run out of ideas for an easy meal with Napoleon's Eight Stainless Steel Multifunctional Skewers.

Key Features

  • LARGE SKEWERS: Eight extra large skewers hold plenty of delicious foods for customizable meals
  • STAINLESS STEEL: Stainless steel is durable, reusable, and dishwasher safe
  • FLAT SURFACE: The flat surface prevents foods from slipping and spinning while cooking so that food is grilled evenly
  • RIDGED END DESIGN: There are ridges at the ends to ensure that no food falls off the skewers
  • EASY TO GRIP: The elegantly curved handles are easy to grip with hands or tongs for easy turning and eating

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