Napoleon Built-In 700 Series Inline Dual Range Top Burner Natural Gas Grill with Stainless Steel Cover - BIB12RTNSS

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Create sides and sauces while the main grill is in use with this 10-inch, drop-in, Range Burner. Instantly ignite these burners single-handed with the JETFIRE™ Ignition System. The large, ergonomic control knobs with SafetyGlow provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue that changes to red when the burners are in use. Made from the same quality of premium stainless steel as the 700 Series built-in grills, this drop-in side burner matches your custom outdoor kitchen. These burners provide stylish longevity and were built for ease of install. The power supply kit N370-1091-SER is required for all Built-in 700 Series burners being used in an application without a Built-in 700 Series Built-in Grill in order to supply power for the control knobs.

Key Features

  • Two burners provide extra space to create sauces and side dishes while using the main BBQ Grill
  • Marine grade stainless steel construction ensures a long life
  • Powered by easy to use natural gas, no changing of tanks required
  • Ignite this burner instantly with the failsafe, battery free ignition.
  • This drop-in burners are separate from the BBQ Grill cooks with the lid down
  • Seamless trim provides versatile and flawless installation
  • The ergonomic control knob is backlit to provide ambiance and safety, glowing a glorious blue that changes to red when the burners are in use
  • This 12-inch (30.48 cm) dual range style burner is the perfect size to boil large pots of water or create small side dishes and sauces


WARRANTY Lifetime Bumper to Bumper*
FUEL TYPE Natural Gas
MAIN COOKING AREA 11.75 x 18 (29 X 45)  |  12 burgers
HEIGHT 11.40 in (28.96 cm)
WIDTH 15.50 in (39.37 cm)
DEPTH 24.60 in (62.48 cm)
PACKAGING HEIGHT 17.75 in (45.09 cm)
PACKAGING WIDTH 22.75 in (57.79 cm)
PACKAGING DEPTH 36 in (91.44 cm)
PACKAGING WEIGHT 62 lbs. (28.12 kg)

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