Napoleon 42" X 24" Large Door and Waste Bin Drawer - BI-4224-1D1W

Sale price$1,299.00


Creating your own custom grill island has never been easier with Napoleon's Built-In Components. Every great outdoor kitchen needs storage; this 42" x 24" built-in component has everything you need for storage. Featuring a waste and recycling bin pull out, that can double as storage as well as a paper towel drawer.

Key Features

  • Durable Stainless Steel construction ensures a long life
  • 8-inch paper towel dispenser drawer with waste bin pullout below
  • Single left side door for larger accessory storage
  • Anodized aluminum handles proveide increased protection against corrosion and wear for greater longevity
  • Seamless trim provides versatile and flawless installation.
  • Soft closing hardware prevents wear and noise from slamming when in use
  • Perfect for storing your favorite Napoleon Grilling Accessories and spices and provides a location for waste while enjoying cooking at an outdoor kitchen
  • HEIGHT 27.75 - inches (70.5 cm) WIDTH 45.25- inches (115 cm) DEPTH 23.50 - inches (59.5 cm)

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